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Havan Kund

Havan or Homa is an age old sacred Fire ritual in Hinduism which has been performed since Vedic era in order to invoke the powerful energies of the Divine. This ritual is also performed to seek blessings of Gods and Goddesses by igniting the Holy Fire. In this sacred ritual, special offering are kindled in the Holy Fire while chanting the Sanskrit mantras. The ritual of Havan is conducted as per the Holy Vedic scriptures. The sacred Fire and the mantras fill the ambience with purifying and auspicious positive vibrations and thus benefit everyone who is attending the Homa in a splendid manner. It purifies the body, mind and soul, elevates spiritually, makes the mind calm and offers a sense of tranquillity.

Why Havan Kund

The rich Hindu rituals entail invoking the celestial presence of the Divine in the idols of the deities or in the Kalash (vase). But in this Kalyuga, due to pollution, the air, water and earth are all polluted and there are rare chances of them being pure. Hence, if there are impurities when the Kalash or the deity idols are being made, then invoking the divine presence in these idols or the Kalash would not be possible. Therefore, we put to use ‘Agni’ (Fire), as fire is the one of the two elements that cannot be polluted, the other being Akash (space). We cannot conduct traditional rituals in space hence; we carry out the spiritual sadhana through Fire.  Also in Sanskrit fire is known as "Pavaka", meaning "one who purifies". Thus, the Fire element is one of the purest elements that purify everything that comes into contact with it.

What is a Yagya?

A yagya is a means of direct interaction with the positive forces in creation. Vedas abound with descriptions of yagyas performed by the rishis and munis to energise the manifested creation. Devs and devis would come to be a part of such yagyas. Asurs and daityas would also come to disturb them, creation being a balance of the two forces, positive and negative.

Sanatan Kriya details the amazing science of yagyas as given by the vedic rishis to induce positivity in the body as well as surroundings. The practice involves making oblations to fire along with specific chants. The fire having the ability of transformation can transform the physical into the subtle and the mantras have the ability to manifest the energies invoked. At the beginning of a yagya, a sankalp is made which indicates the purpose for which the yagya is conducted. Then the ahvahan (invocation) of specific devs and devis is done requesting them to bless the yagya.

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Havan at Dhyan Foundation A yagya performed under the sanidhya of a Guru, with purity in thoughts, ingredients and the correct chants, has the effect of completely changing the environment - the weather changes, air becomes fragrant, birds perch on the trees around, there is peace and stillness within and outside and diseases disappear - these are all indicators of warding off negativity and manifestation of positive forces in creation. Sadhaks at Dhyan Foundation routinely conduct such yagyas for purity of homes, environment and body, the manifestations are witnessed and recorded and their effects felt by one and all.

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A special kind of yagya is the agnihotra, which is performed at the time of sunrise and sunset, the prime chant being "idan na mam" (all this is not mine, indicating detachment). Exactly at the time of sunset and sunrise, a specific shade of the sun's prana is awaited and as it appears the yagya starts. The entire yagya is normally completed in a minute or two. It is essential for everyone to perform agnihotra as it gives you fearlessness, longevity and ability to control the elements.

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